CCSF Athletics Study Hall

In order to better prepare our student athletes for the academic graduation challenges that lie ahead including the increased math requirement (math 860) and English (English 1A), our Athletic Department instituted the Student-Athlete Scholastic Achievement Program (SASAP) to serve our student athletes with ongoing academic support. Due to the increased academic standards, and our mission to provide students with the tools needed to graduate and transfer onto a four year college/university, our department added this new program to aid in the academic success of our student-athletes.

We identify basic skills as the foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and English as well as learning and study skills which are necessary for students to succeed in college-level work.  With 80% of first time students assessed as needing to take pre-collegiate coursework in English and mathematics as well as our student athletes who enter our athletic programs as NCAA non-qualifiers (did not complete required core subject courses, ratio of GPA to SAT scores do not meet collegiate entrance standards) and with low English and math placement test scores it is imperative that our student athletes utilize this program emphasizing basic skills to ensure academic success.

Tutorial Services 

To help tutor student athletes in various levels of math, foreign language and science, we have collaborated with the math lab and library labs to share data about students as long as they enroll in LEARN 1000, supervised tutoring which is free.  The athletes can use the other on campus study labs to utilize tutorial services and report their hours to the study hall coordinator by bringing a printed copy of their attendance to the athletic study hall.

Study Hall

Each athlete must bring a photo id to the study hall.  No Facebook  or cell phone use is allowed.  An attendance report for all student athletes will be issued every week.  The report notes the amount of time each student athlete has spent in the study hall.  The report is given to each coach and appropriate athletic directors on Monday.

Study Hall Hours 

Hours: 9:00AM - 3:00PM, Monday –  Friday
Room 323 in the Wellness Center
Room 323 in the Wellness Center