CCSF Athletics Facilities

City College’s Wellness Center creates a first-ever front door for the campus on busy Ocean Avenue. Step­ping up its hillside site, it welcomes thousands of stu­dents a day who arrive from the Balboa BART station, ushering them into the activity-filled building or up the grand lobby staircase and out onto the campus. The building’s LED® equivalent design fits 156,000 square feet of program space into a very small foot­print utilizing clever vertical stacking.

The Wellness Center houses physical education, mar­tial arts, dance, conditioning, team sports, and City College’s first aquatics center. It also fulfills a civic role by integrating cleanly into the urban fabric and pro­viding a physical anchor for the corner of the campus and the east end of Ocean Avenue. The community is thrilled to have an affordable resource for healthy living housed in such a spectacular setting.

Design Features
Aquatics Center
NCAA Gymnasium
Dance Performance Facility
Martial Arts Facility
Weight Training & Conditioning Centers
Team Locker Rooms